Press Pause for a Cause

Human Proof of Concept is – and will always be – available for free. But please consider supporting science and health by making a donation to a featured charity or fundraiser. Donations don’t go to, or through, this podcast – it’s just a great way to give back. Or forward.

The current cause has been selected by Don Nicholson, guest of the September podcast episode:

American Red Cross

Learn more and donate online.

List of previous causes featured on Human Proof of Concept:

  • “Food for Life” program at the Clinic for Inherited Metabolic Diseases at Mount Sinai. Click here to learn more and donate.
  • Doctors Without Borders. Learn more and donate online.
  • Harmony Program, which provides after-school music education programs in underserved communities across New York City. Click here to learn more and donate.
  • The Belmont County Animal Shelter. Learn more and donate online.
  • Museum of Science in Boston. Click here to learn more and donate.
  • The AMP Charitable Fund for Life Sciences and Entrepreneurship (Fidelity). All donations will be routed to charities meeting criteria for (1) Medical Need, (2) Entrepreneurship, and (3) Community Development – including diversity, education, and military advancement. To donate: mail checks to AMP Charitable Fund, PO Box 110287, Durham, NC 27709
  • Kickstarter campaign to produce a new NOVA special on PBS with David Pogue – all about molecules! Click here to learn more and donate (until March 10, 2017).