Greg Verdine will not take “undruggable” for an answer

Greg Verdine has evolved from merely being a Harvard prof, to consulting for big pharma, to starting biotech companies, to being a Venture Partner, and even to co-founding a non-profit institute – not just sequentially, but largely in parallel.

He has teamed up with Third Rock Ventures, TPG Biotech, AppleTree Partners, and he unveils his brand new gig with WuXi Ventures.

Greg co-founded the biotechs Enanta (ENTA), Tokai (TKAI), Gloucester (now Celgene), Aileron, Warp Drive, WaVe (WVE), and Fog. His day job today, if forced to list just one, is CSO of Warp Drive Bio. He reveals a couple of secrets about Warp Drive strategy and lifts the fog off of Fog Pharma, his latest – and still stealth – newco.

As different as these companies are, a common theme runs through them: to cure the incurable by drugging the undruggable.  With apologies to Star Trek, that is Greg’s personal mission: to boldly go where no drug has gone before.

In fact Greg wants to blow up the conventional meaning for the word “drug”. He sees beyond the pharma industry’s small molecules plus the biotech industry’s biologics, because they seem positively “puny” in the context of human biology. And he has clever tricks and other modalities at his disposal – not to mention the blueprints: 135,000 bacterial genomes, where the answers cannot hide.


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