Kate Bingham, a Voice of Reason from the UK

Brexit isn’t the only newsworthy and dismal problem out there. Consider a couple of others – some VCs would rather not touch them with a ten foot pole, yet Kate Bingham is taking a stab at them:

There’s Alzheimers. This past October, SV Life Sciences where she is Managing Partner, became the fund manager of the Dementia Discovery Fund. Launched with a charity and six pharmas at the table, and $100M in the bank, the fund brings a fresh operating model to the tired approach.

And then there’s gender diversity. Following the JP Morgan biotech investors conference this year, Kate co-authored an open letter to the industry, alongside Karen Bernstein of Biocentury. It queried why “the smart, dynamic women in our industry are forced to choose between demeaning themselves and making business connections.”

Kate has the knack for looking at improbable problems and seeing a path to success. Perhaps because she herself is an improbability in the industry – having found her way into it 25 years ago, on account of a lucky phonecall and a mistaken post-it note. She joins me on this episode to talk closed deals and open letters.


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