Stéphane Bancel: The Messenger is the Medium

Moderna is the Kendall Square startup developing a variety of drugs made of messenger RNA, leaving your cells to translate them into proteins. Forging a new ecosystem doesn’t come cheap: in only 5 years, Moderna has raised nearly $2B and is valued around $5B.

Its financial position may be the envy of its biotech neighbors, but it is also polarizing. It has generated intrigue and invited scrutiny, including in a recent article that questioned both the science and culture under its CEO, Stéphane Bancel. Quite the juxtaposition since it was just announced that Moderna is – again – one of Science’s Top Employers, and has even moved up in the ranks. What is going on over there?

In this episode, Stéphane is the messenger. He takes us inside the how and why of Moderna.



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