Sven Jacobson Doesn’t Have a Swelled Head

Have you heard the one about the guy who founded a biotech startup in the middle of Manhattan? Around a repurposed, hydrolysable, insoluble small molecule? To treat massive strokes, traumatic brain injury, and other neuro indications? Using a highly translatable rodent model? During the financial crisis? Unpartnered? And who spent $1M per year to generate randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind PhII results that show a 50% reduction in mortality from strokes that were too big for other trials and too late for other treatments?

That’s Sven Jacobson. He is CEO of Remedy Pharmaceuticals, and was Partner at Carrot Capital Healthcare Ventures, the nontraditional VC that founded and funded Remedy.

For a long time, Remedy was one guy and one drug. But that drug, Cirara™, combats swelling in the central nervous system – a root cause of morbidity and mortality in multiple diseases. Today Cirara™ is still investigational, but in line to be the first therapeutic advance in the stroke field in over 20 years. And an in-progress Ph II trial in TBI has it poised to tackle football as well.

Sven doesn’t have a swelled head – and he doesn’t want anyone else to have one either.


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